(too-loo-gak): Inuktitut (the language of Inuit) word meaning raven

Ron Elliott

Arctic Bay, NU

There upon the window sill,
A giant raven sat.
His voice cried out a horrid sound.
Upon the Lord he spat.
There out within the garden,
Between the rows of green,
A happy, little, live bird sang,
O peace that he had seen.
The raven looked up the babe,
And saw a challenge brew/
He couldn’t stop and pass the chance,
To tease the little shrew.
“What do you sing, you little nymph?
Your heart so filled with joy.
Why do you sing of peace, of love,
And a tiny infant boy?”
“Why do you laugh and put down He,
The King, who gave you life?
For He’s the one who gave us all,
The great eternal light.”
The raven turned and glared with hate.
The little bird was right.
The raven giggled and smiled too,
If not at first to spite.
“What are these words you press on me?
For I shall not be took.
Divine is me, it’s plain to see,
My coat is black as night.
The darkness leads my every step,
For in darkness I have light.
I stand alone that’s all I need.
There’s no such burning love.”
He laughed and toppled over.
His fears were unsuppressed.
An urge had gripped his ruthless heart.
His soul became possessed.
Little did he notice,
The bumps and bangs he did.
For inch by inch, his fate grew near,
The window slowly slid.
The window fell with such a force,
Its crash rang loud and clear.
The raven lay without a breath.
The dove it shed a tear.
For pressed between the shattered glass,
The raven’s body lie.
His beak was cracked, his wings relaxed,
His time had come to die.
Before the gates of Heaven,
God viewed his life that day.
He saw the sin and how he’d been,
And sent him on his way.
There is a moral to this rhyme.
It’s not very hard to see.
Don’t split your bill upon the sill,
Or lost in hell you’ll be.
Just hold your faith within the Lord,
Adore His Holy Name,
For once you hold your faith with Him,
You share His Holy Flame.