(too-loo-gak): Inuktitut (the language of Inuit) word meaning raven

Peter Mackey

Iqaluit, NU

My story is about me and my friend, Wesley. We were going to Arctic Venture’s to rent a game. We saw two ravens and a husky. The two ravens were trying to get the meat from the dog. They would fly down and one of the ravens would land on top of the dog and scratch him. He would run to the raven, and they would run over and snatch the meat. When they got in the air with it, they fought over it and dropped it and the dog got it and ate it. They didn’t get the meat at all. We were going to Arctic Ventures to get another game. It was with the same dog. A raven walked right up to it and the dog did nothing, it just stood there. They were friends, I guess.