(too-loo-gak): Inuktitut (the language of Inuit) word meaning raven

Bridget Orsetti

Iqaluit, NU

Since leaving home I’ve always ended up far away from my family. Being close we all try to get together at least twice a year and talk on the phone. Mom and I are super close, best friends. Mom grew up on Vancouver Island and has a much deserved appreciation for ravens. It was at least three years ago when I was sea kayak guiding in the Charlottes and I’d call home to tell them of the beautiful places I was encountering. Mom said she had decided something. Whenever you see a raven, it’s a symbol that means that I’m thinking about you. The next day I went out on a seven- day trip. I’d wake up in the morning and wander the shores and see ravens. Mom must be having coffee thinking about me. Having lunch on a beach…ravens…mom’s thinking about me. Amazing. Sometimes it’s all I need when I’m feeling homesick, to hear a raven, see one sitting around and I know she’s got me on her mind. The best part of the story is that when my mom leaves this world she will remain forever. As long as I see ravens I’ll know she’s around somewhere watching over me.