(too-loo-gak): Inuktitut (the language of Inuit) word meaning raven

Barry Eaton

Ndilo, NT

This is a story I heard off the radio. It starts off where there is a white raven which is one tribe and there is another group which is the wolf. The raven group didn’t have fresh water. The only ones who had fresh water were the wolf group. They decided one day the raven should go over to the wolf and get some fresh water. It flew over there and talked and talked all day. The wolf wasn’t one who would share with anyone. Not his food, not his house, not his water, anything. The raven talked and talked and finally the wolf said you might as well stay for supper. The raven stayed for supper and after supper, the raven talked and talked and talked. The wolf had a woodshed with his water bucket on top. He had a board on top of that and he would sleep there. The raven kept talking most of the night and the wolf said it’s too far for you to go back in the dark, you might as well spend the night. That was okay. In the middle of the night, the wolf got hungry so he went out. This was raven’s opportunity to get the water. He filled up as much as possible in whatever he could take on. Flying out the chimney stack he got stuck because he was so full of water. He didn’t want to let any of the water out to get through there. Finally he forced his way out but when he flew out he was black. All the way flying back to his camp he kept spilling water out of his mouth because he was so full of water. This created all the lakes and rivers.