(too-loo-gak): Inuktitut (the language of Inuit) word meaning raven

Alphonse Quitte

Gameti, NT

(as told to Dorothy Carseen)
When the raven was a man, he stumbled into a camp on his travels. The people, they asked him, “How come you are so cheerful? We are starving and we can barely talk.” And raven said, “All dead, all dead, all dead. It’s like that all over, it’s all dead.” He was carrying a grub bag and hung it on a tree, while he visited around the tents. While he was visiting, the people checked his bag and found some caribou meat inside. They replaced it with dog shit. When he left, the people said, “He must know something about the caribou,” so they got a medicine man to check his journey home. The medicine man said, “He disappeared among the hills,” and the people said, “Let’s follow him.” So they did. Wolverine, fox, wolf, when they were men, said, “Who wants to challenge raven?” Wolverine said, “I will,” so wolverine went inside and circled the fireplace and burnt the tip of his tail and the caribou rushed out. That’s why today there are caribou here still, and wolverines have a dark spot on the end of their tails.